Foster Home Needed: Bewitched

Forever Morgans needs more foster homes in order to save more lives now.
Our breed is endangered, and it is vital we have more fosters nationwide to help make sure these animals are secured.
The following horse is one of a dozen needing a home until adopted.
Please fill out and application to adopt today.
Forever Morgans is a FOSTER based NATIONWIDE NETWORK. We do not have a facility, so we depend on people to open their hearts and barns to a Morgan Horse in need in order for us to save more.
Please go to fill out an application and start on the road to saving Morgans!

BewitchedFMRescue Bewitched

Grade mare, 14.2hh
Boarded in AL
Rescued October 2015
Adoption Fee: $300

Bewitched is a lovely, typey (unpapered) mare who would be suitable for an experienced horse owner or an intermediate owner with a trainer. She would benefit greatly from some professional training in order to fulfill her true potential. She appears to have had some saddle training but is far from finished. She would also benefit from a groundwork refresher. Bee is very sweet and is an easy keeper. She is great in a herd and is about in the middle. She loves getting scratches and hugs, and will lay her head on your shoulder – she’s a typical Morgan in that regard. She has a lovely head carriage, halters easily and has beautiful motion, with a lovely stride and trot. Bee takes no notice of dogs and cats in the pasture with her, and takes them in stride. She has had a professional evaluation and here are the results: Bee seems to have some fear issues, which may indicate a lack of basic groundwork training. She tends to crowd and circle you and sometimes rushes forward. She is skittish when having her back feet trimmed, so needs a patient, experienced person for that. She often paws the ground, especially when eating. She is not very quiet on the cross ties and will try to turn. She is better single-tied, but still does not stand very patiently. She seems somewhat anxious inside the barn and does not like being in a stall. She loads reasonably well into the trailer; however, she hauled nervously, and was sweating when unloaded. She knows how to lunge reasonably well. Simple ground work, e.g., bending, backing, etc., seems to help her learn how to lead better. When preparing for saddle work, she tacked up nervously but did OK. She was lunged carrying a lightweight western saddle, and reared up. Overall, she was forward, but was not wild. She stood well and allowed a rider to mount. There were no issues while she was led carrying a rider during a short walk. She is likely broke to ride, but would need further evaluation under saddle.


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