Foster Home Needed: Captain

Forever Morgans needs more foster homes in order to save more lives now.
Our breed is endangered, and it is vital we have more fosters nationwide to help make sure these animals are secured.
The following horse is one of a dozen needing a home until adopted.
Please fill out and application to adopt today.
Forever Morgans is a FOSTER based NATIONWIDE NETWORK. We do not have a facility, so we depend on people to open their hearts and barns to a Morgan Horse in need in order for us to save more.
Please go to fill out an application and start on the road to saving Morgans!


CAPTIAN’S DESIGN #183416 (Sharp Dressed Gentleman x Party Surprise)

2010 Registered Chestnut Gelding

Height: 15.2

Drives, does not ride

Boarded in NY

Rescued October 2016

Adoption Fee: $800

Design is an elegant and flashy Morgan gelding who is mature for being only 6 years old. He is blind in his right eye due to an old injury. His eye has been evaluated by a vet who said Design does not appear to be in pain. The vet does not recommend removal of the eye unless it causes him problems later in life. Design is very attached to Music Regency Rose (Rosie) and becomes agitated when she leaves her stall. He is young and impaired and yet he stood calmly for the farrier, even picking up his feet in anticipation of being asked. When the farrier was finished on the left side, he walked in front of Design, petting his nose, then down his neck, shoulder and finally down his right leg. Design appreciated that courtesy by the farrier, as he stood patiently and picked up his right front hoof when asked. We were told that Design drives, but there was no one at the quarantine facility who could confirm that for us. The note that came with him states, “Hot the first mile, then holds hard after that, been to town”. A riding evaluation has been completed and photos and video from that evaluation are available. Comments from Design’s riding evaluation: Design was a very willing horse and easy to work with in the round pen. With the handler in the middle of the pen, he lunged with ease when his good eye was to the inside. He was reluctant to lunge in the reverse direction, when he could not see his person guiding him. As the lead rope was raised up next to his cheek (on the side of his good eye), he quietly parked out and looked very handsome and proud to pose. He obviously knew what to do! Cinching the saddle was no problem. Design seemed to be a little uncertain about the saddle, but carried it without protesting. He didn’t appear to be familiar with a mounting block. He stepped away the first few times and then stood quietly. When the handler put weight in the stirrup, Design moved as if to say, ‘What the heck was that?’ When the handler tried to lie across his back and add a little weight to the saddle, Design wanted to jump forward, and then he looked back, a little startled. It appears that, at some point in his past, Design has had training in ground work, lunging, parking out, being saddled, and probably being led around under saddle in a round pen. Comments from Design’s quarantine barn owner: When Design arrived, he was very fearful, and he panicked because he was the last to unload and could no longer see the other horses. He actually slammed into one of the partitions and broke the hinges. As time progressed and he started settling in, he became a much calmer boy as he learned the routine and became familiar with his environment. Design does holler and paw for his food and wants to be fed first. He gets upset if his next door buddy leaves the stall. It appears that he becomes reliant on a buddy for security. Perhaps this behavior is connected with Design learning to adjust to having only one eye. Learning to trust in his handler may make a big difference in helping him learn to adapt. He appears to be a very willing horse. Bottom line, this young, handsome gentleman needs an equine companion to show him the ropes and be his friend wherever he lands. He also needs a kind and gentle adopter who will be his friend forever. He gives every evidence that he will repay that in spades. Might that kind adopter be you? If so, email us at


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