Foster Home Needed: Marcus

Forever Morgans needs more foster homes in order to save more lives now.
Our breed is endangered, and it is vital we have more fosters nationwide to help make sure these animals are secured.
The following horse is one of a dozen needing a home until adopted.
Please fill out and application to adopt today.
Forever Morgans is a FOSTER based NATIONWIDE NETWORK. We do not have a facility, so we depend on people to open their hearts and barns to a Morgan Horse in need in order for us to save more.
Please go to fill out an application and start on the road to saving Morgans!



2006 Registered Bay Gelding, 14.3hh
Boarded in NY
Rescued October 2016
Adoption Fee: $800

Graywood’s Marcus is an intelligent, adorable guy who was much loved in his early days by the lady who bred him. She foaled Marcus out and gentled him herself. She trained him to come, stand and move (w/t/c) just by her hand signals. She said that he was all heart and loved having a relationship with his own person. His large, expressive eyes are set apart by a wide forehead that filters into a teacup muzzle. He has a few scars on his front legs from being a hard-working driving horse. Marcus leads nicely, stands tied, and loads well. When his handler is by his head, he is quiet and very sweet, and wants to play with the lead rope. However, he is very fearful when being handled from the shoulder to the hindquarters, and does not like to be touched on the hindquarters or back legs. This behavior appears to stem from a great deal of fear. He is not aggressive toward people, but can be very defensive if not handled correctly. Marcus has some unusual behavior when preparing to lie down, and it is unknown whether he had an injury or this is a learned behavior. He needs to be evaluated by a vet, and possibly a chiropractor, to try to determine what physical issues he may have. He will need a patient caregiver to help him learn that his person is going to help him and not hurt him. A kind, gentle person would be doing this beautiful boy a huge favor by taking him under their wing and helping to bring him back to his full potential. They could shower him with loving care and tenderness and help him enjoy life again.


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