Foster Home Needed: Sparticus


If we are to continue being able to rescue Morgans at risk, it is vital we have more fosters nationwide to care for and love and remind these horses that people can be trusted.
Sparticus is one of a dozen needing a home until adopted.  
Forever Morgans is a FOSTER based NATIONWIDE NETWORK. We do not have a facility, so we depend on people to open their hearts and barns to a Morgan Horse in need in order for us to save more.
Please go to fill out an application and start on the road to saving Morgans!   For more information, contact us at



2004 Registered Brown Gelding , height 15+ hh
Boarded in NY
Rescued November 2016
Adoption Fee: Special Needs Horse

Ultras Sparticus, aka Sparky, has been designated as a Special Needs horse due to suspensory ligament damage in his back legs.

According to the vet, it is possible that with time and extensive rehab, he may improve well enough for light work, or at least a good quality of life as a pasture pet, but only time and rehab will tell. In terms of rehab, the vet would recommend wrapping the hind limbs with standing wraps and poulticing every day or every other day to help reduce inflammation. She also recommends short, controlled hand-walking so the ligaments get used but not damaged, and possibly hind shoes for support. More advanced options would be laser or acupuncture therapy. The vet said that on a scale of 1-10 for pain, he is a 3 or 4. She recommends pain medication (Equioxx) to keep Sparky comfortable and he could stay on those as long as needed.

Sparky’s caretaker would need to be very dedicated. As far as trailering to a new home, his legs would need to be wrapped and if it were a long trip he would need a layover at night.

Sparky is a nice horse who was well-trained for driving. He is a former Amish driving horse who ‘couldn’t do the 20 miles anymore.’ One of his former owners who had Sparky when he was about 4 years old said that he had a lot of common sense but was a little on the hot side at that point in his life. The owner also said that he heard Sparky had gotten into a buggy accident when he was around 5 or 6 years of age. It put a scare into him but he apparently got over it, because he continued to be used as a buggy horse. Sparky is a very nice horse with a beautiful face and a sweet expression. It would be wonderful if a kind adopter would step up and give this pretty boy a chance at a new life!





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