How I got Involved: The “V” Story

By Kathy Crozier

It was a cold, midwinter night. I was reading through the Forever Morgans group; I used to do that on Fridays because I would often be able to give a little to help whatever horse the group was working on. To my dismay, the posts were coming in that there were 4 horses with no place to go. And something had to happen by Sunday. I was sure my husband would be totally against it, but I texted him, asking if he thought we could help these horses. He sent our daughter, then 16 and an avid horsewoman, to “talk me out of it”. So that was clearly a yes! I fired off my application and started making plans to go get the horses-about 850 miles away!
On the way there we learned that one of the horses had a place to go, so now we were just picking up 3. When we got there, we easily loaded the first horse. But the next two were a mare and her 18 month old colt. The colt had not been handled at all. The guy at the farm had me lead the mare and he tried to control the colt, who was bolting and rearing and generally being uncooperative. We kept him close to the mare and loaded them in the stock trailer by getting the mare in and leaving the partition open and basically shooing the colt in. On the way in, he fired off a kick and hit my daughter in the thigh. Ouch!
It took many weeks of kind and gentle handling and feeding before we could even groom him or clean his feet. We did some very basic training at a very slow pace. And he came around quite nicely. And he sure was cute. My daughter started him when he was 3 ½ and we enjoyed riding him quite a bit. One daughter thought about keeping him but decided that getting another horse while she was in college was not such a great idea. I seriously considered keeping him for myself. But I wanted to be able to foster another horse, and I already had a horse.
I am happy to say that he was adopted by a wonderful horsewoman who trail rides him all the time. I get to see picture of him via Facebook and I enjoy that. But I still have a special place in my heart for “V”.


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