Horse of the Day: Victoria


KTM Lady Victoria #0148436

1999 Registered Chestnut Mare, 14.2 hh
Dia H Dandy Walker x KTM Lady Hawk
Fostered in WA
Rescued November 2015
Adoption Fee: $700

This beautiful mare was used as a broodmare. She is gaited as well as all of her offspring. She appears to be in decent body condition.

From her foster: Victoria came to me in December. The first thing I noticed was that she was about 200 pounds underweight, the second thing I noticed was her huge, beautiful eyes. I was taken by her curious, cheerful expression despite her condition. She thought of nothing besides eating and completely ignored her barn mate at first.

I had my vet check her and she seems healthy. There is a large swelling on her neck which we surmise is an injury from a stallion bite. It is not an abscess and doesn’t seem to bother her at all.

Victoria has gained all of her weight back. She has had several ground work sessions and she totally rocked them! Victoria learns a lesson quickly and doesn’t forget it. She is very respectful of her human and willing to do what is asked. She has never offered to bite or kick. She is cute as a button and smart as a whip! Little seems to bother her and I think she will make a great trail horse for someone.

Victoria was very submissive to my older mare when she arrived, but after gaining weight and confidence she has become quite the alpha mare. She and my other mare do a lot of squealing and kicking at dinner time. They do get along fine out in the pasture together, but Victoria would probably do best in a home where she is not in close confinement with another mare.

It makes me very happy watching Victoria gallop around the pasture and kick up her heels in pure joy. My other mare taught her to come galloping in when called…they are both very cute!


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