aside Love your Coffee? Help A Horse!


I love a good latte, particularly on a cold December day. I don’t mind spending almost $5.00 for that 15 minutes of enjoyment. I deserve it, I figure, and I only go once a week. But what if I saved that money for a whole month, and sent it to a good cause? That would be $20.00. Over a year, that’s $240.00. What if every single member of Forever Morgans sent in $5.00/week? It would be well over $1,000.00/week. If you have horses, you know it ain’t the getting…it’s the keeping that gets expensive. Forever Morgan horses in QT and board (if they do not have a foster home), come with a monthly board bill. There are veterinary and transportation costs as well. Our horses could use that latte money. I am going to send my latte money to Forever Morgans. Who is with me? $5.00 a week works for me, but $5.00/month will help. Join me. Let’s see horses in our lattes. To donate visit the website


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