A Stallion Too Old

Positively, the story to be told…


At the age of 30, he found himself needing a new home due to changing circumstances with his owner. He needed a special place to land where he could be safe as a stallion because of his age, gelding was out of the options. There was hope for him. Discovered on Forever Morgans Facebook  page in March of 2015 by Amanda and Susan, both Morgan breed enthusiasts. Soon a plan was formed to get a third friend who recently lost her beloved Morgan of old age and believes a horse must be black, white, or grey on board. Reluctantly she agreed and in April 2015 Positively came to live at his home in WV. When he arrived his mane and tail were full of burrs. Linda spent 3 days combing them out one by one, saving every hair she could from being cut. She succeeded and has since trimmed his tail twice! Living in a show barn that share their digs with rescue horses recently saved or rehabbing, he fits in along Morgan row where he often gives advise to the youngsters walking by.


Now called “TheBlack”, he spends his days with his best buddy, Hansel, the donkey and resident greeter at the barn. Watching them play you would never think of his age as 31.


Black getting greetings and treats from his person before his grooming and play session with friends. BELOW: His long tail shown




  1. I have met “the black” and was so amazed at his gentle beauty. Linda takes marvelous care of him and he has it made in the shade for his golden years
    Janice Arthur

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